$1500 to the "Faith, Hope and Love" orphanage in Port Au Prince to repair their van so they can transport their special needs children to their weekly doctor appointments 
$3700 - Generator to provide electricity for the Marmelade orphanage and school 
$2000 - Water system replaced so the kids could access clean drinking water at Marmelade orphanage and school 
$7300 - Help build the Myan Orphanage 
$2000 - Wood and Labor for benches at the Raboto Feeding Center and School 
Purchased backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, and more for the Gonaives school 
Christmas presents for the kids at the Marmelade school and orphanage 
$8300 - Clean Water Bagging Machine: Creates jobs, clean water, and income for the orphanage and feeding center!
$4000 - Food for the orphanage and feeding center 
$1300 - Hospital bill for sick infant and eye surgery for another. 
$1200 - Additional benches for Raboto Feeding Center and school 
$1900 - School uniforms for the 266 children at Raboto feeding center 
$500 - Deep Water Well at Raboto feeding center 

$4500 - Christmas for orphans (2014)
$2400 - "God has Big Plans for Me" Shirts in Haitian Creole (over 600 passed out to the children in Haiti at Raboto, Divine Grace orphanage, New Life orphanage and more) 
$3000 - Orphanage Nannies and Feeding Center Teacher salaries, orphanage and feeding center food and miscellaneous medical needs 
$1950 - New Sunday clothes for each child including shirt, pants, and shoes (dress and shoes for the girls) and $25 for each child to pick our Christmas toy
(Varies depending on sponsorship) Monthly: Children food at the orphanage, Medicine for 2 of the children (1 with Aids and 1 with Seizures)
$9600 - Over 640 Haitian Creole Children's Bibles sent to various orphanages in Haiti
$2500 - Toward a year's rent on a church in Thomassin 32, Haiti
$4500 - For Christmas presents, clothes, shoes, food, etc (2015)
$5200 - Divine Grace Orphanage rent for 2 years
$1400 - (30) New Mattresses for the orphanage
$1500 - Raboto Feeding Center

$3500 - 10,000 Pounds of Food and Water during Hurrican Matthew

220 Backpacks full of school supplies for children in Fodeh Port Au Prince

$1000 School Tuition, supplies and uniforms for 3 children whose parent had died

$150/month for private tutor for 18 year old who had never been taught his alphabet. He now knows how to read and write after 8 months and will be entering school for the very first time in Fall 2017.

$4400 Christmas clothes, shoes, toy and Christmas party! (2016)

$300 Private School Orphan who had "aged" out of regular school

$2500 For a year of rent for a church in Petionville

We have $35 monthly sponsorships available for children at the Divine Grace orphanage in Gonaives, Haiti. Money that is donated outside of the sponsorships is held until there is a specific need such as the ones mentioned above. We do not have any paid staff, 100% of money donated goes straight to the designation selected by the donor. 

How We Do It

We believe in being good stewards of your donations and will not work with people or organizations that are not completely transparent.

We hold all of our recipients accountable for any money they receive.

So Where Does Your Money Go??

​            Here is a small list...